This Week with The Professor: Super Sprint Races


This week, The Professor shares his experience with super sprint races.

I am coming down on the side of not to play the super sprint races. I must confess, when the 3/16 races started in Portland in the 1980’s, I was excited to test my skill at handicapping these races. I was thinking I would have a big edge because my strength was knowing who the fastest greyhounds at the track were and the leader would obviously be the winner of the race! I was wrong.

The sound of me ripping up losing tickets consistently was a frequent occurrence. I tried to analyze why I was having so much difficulty picking these races and I came to the conclusion that it was the lack of consistency that was the problem.

There could have been several reasons for the inconsistency: maybe the wait in the box was shorter or the opening of the box was quicker, but most likely was the fact that all of the dogs were fast early and the run to the first turn was too short for them to separate, thus causing jams.

I concluded that I was better off waiting 20 minutes for the next race and that is the best advice I can give you as well.


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