This Week with The Professor: Trouble Prone Greyhounds?


Have you ever looked over the racing form and found what appears to be a “diamond in the rough” quality hound? The next time you’re tempted to take one of these pups, keep The Professor’s tips in mind.

Trouble prone greyhounds?

I am sure that you have noticed that there are greyhounds whose past performance lines contain many comments, such as “bumped, collided, shut off, etc.” The fact that these greyhounds are constantly in trouble is not just bad luck. You may want to use these recent problems as a reason to select that dog in the upcoming race. Beware of this angle: it can be hazardous to your bankroll.

There are a number of reasons that this type of greyhound is getting himself in trouble. One may be that he does not have enough early speed to get clear consistently. Another is that the dog may tend to “let up,” or “check” slightly in traffic, thus causing him to collide with other greyhounds. Some may not have a high racing “IQ” and are not able to avoid collisions.

Whatever the reason, to expect that “this time” will be different is folly, and can lead to a lightening of your wallet in a hurry. Avoid this type of greyhound when trying to find the “key” greyhound to wager on in a race.

There’s one greyhound that is ALWAYS a winner in our book, and it’s the Bonus Bandit! Today is day 14 of Bandit’s 24 Days of Greyt Gifts promotion, and we have an exciting prize for you.


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