Jingle (Blog) All the Way!

Bella Incubus is already in the holiday spirit!

Inc and Bonus Bandit have been happy hounds developing our special holiday promotions this season. From an exciting wagering competition with our Exotic Howliday Jackpot and 24 days of Greyt Gifts, we’ve had a thrilling start to December.

Our Exotic Howliday Jackpot contest coincides with Derby Lane’s 9th Annual $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge.

The Exotic Howliday Jackpot round 1 began on Saturday, 11/28 and will finish up with round 5 on Saturday, 12/12. As we move toward the semi-finals and final rounds at Derby Lane’s 9th annual Holiday Distance Challenge series, we can’t help but wonder: will our current point leaders be able to stay on top and win the $1,000 Exotic Howliday Jackpot? Round 4 of the Exotic Howliday Jackpot is during the semi-finals round at Derby Lane on Wednesday 12/9, which means the tough of the tough will be vying for the top 8 spots to be in the final on Saturday, 12/12. We’re cheering on all of our participants and hope, above all else, everyone has been enjoying the excitement of a #greyt challenge series, courtesy of Derby Lane!

Bandit’s 24 Days of Greyt Gifts has been a roaring success. Bandit’s delivered daily bonuses and special prizes to all account holders who have entered in each day’s special promotional code. Daily gifts have ranged from a $25.00 social media giveaway, 10% bonus on the cost of winning wagers at specific tracks (so far, Bandit’s delivered a 10% bonus at Derby Lane), Super Charged Fetch & Cycle days, a secret Paydog Pick of the Day, and 1,000 Greyhound Channel Contest Points! Which brings us to today’s special prize… Bandit’s delivering his Day 7 Greyt Gift here!


Day 7: Bandit’s giving away a FREE $2.00 wager, courtesy of the Greyhound Channel Blog! Enter promo code BLOG7 into your Greyhound Channel account and by Noon tomorrow, you’ll receive a free $2.00 wagering credit added to your Greyhound Channel account! Thanks, Bandit!

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