This Week with The Professor: Super Sprint Races


This week, The Professor shares his experience with super sprint races.

I am coming down on the side of not to play the super sprint races. I must confess, when the 3/16 races started in Portland in the 1980’s, I was excited to test my skill at handicapping these races. I was thinking I would have a big edge because my strength was knowing who the fastest greyhounds at the track were and the leader would obviously be the winner of the race! I was wrong.

The sound of me ripping up losing tickets consistently was a frequent occurrence. I tried to analyze why I was having so much difficulty picking these races and I came to the conclusion that it was the lack of consistency that was the problem.

There could have been several reasons for the inconsistency: maybe the wait in the box was shorter or the opening of the box was quicker, but most likely was the fact that all of the dogs were fast early and the run to the first turn was too short for them to separate, thus causing jams.

I concluded that I was better off waiting 20 minutes for the next race and that is the best advice I can give you as well.


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Derby Lane Holiday Distance Challenge / Exotic Howliday Jackpot


One of the biggest stakes series of the holiday season concluded Saturday, December 12, 2015 with the final round of the $75,000 Derby Lane Holiday Distance Challenge. The Challenge consisted of five rounds and ushered an impressive complement of greyhound athletes every race.

Running parallel with Derby Lane’s Holiday Distance Challenge, we created a dynamic promotion to coincide with the five rounds. The Exotic Howliday Jackpot promotion was comprised of hitting specific wagers to earn points (1-exacta, 2-trifecta, 2-superfecta) in any of the official Holiday Distance Challenge races in the specific round. A maximum of 5 points could be earned per round, with the contest’s total amount of points being 25.


Saturday, November 28 kicked off round 1 with four races (4, 6, 8, 10) and we had posted our hot dog picks right here on the Blog. We are pleased to report we were in the money every single race, two of which were winners. HIGHLY CLASSIFIED and LK’S MC CLINTOCK each won, NIGHT GODDESS placed, and LK’S TRAMONTINA showed.Our Greyhound Channel Exotic Howliday Jackpot participants racked up points and took their spots on the official leaderboard.

Round 2 of the Holiday Distance Challenge took off on Wednesday, December 2 with another four races (4, 6, 8, 10). We had another great turnout with the hot dogs we picked. LK’S MC CLINTOCK won his race with HIGHLY CLASSIFIED and BARTS MOUSTAKAS placing in each of their races. Our Greyhound Channel Exotic Howliday Jackpot participants scored here, with names being added and points flying onto the leaderboard.

Saturday, December 5 flew by with only two races (6, 10) in round 3 of Derby Lane’s Holiday Distance Challenge. In race 6 our hot dog, HIGHLYCLASSIFIED, won! In race 10, our other hot dog, BARTS MOUSTAKAS, flashed across the finish line for another win! By this point, our Greyhound Channel Exotic Howliday Jackpot participants were feeling the crush, what with only two races to score points in vs. the prior four race rounds. Impressively, points continued to be earned despite this extra level of difficulty.

The semi-finals were full of anticipation on Wednesday, December 9: both for the actual races at Derby Lane, and to see how the Exotic Howliday Jackpot contenders fared. The two-race (6,10) round was full of anticipation as we wondered whether our hot dogs could make the cut. In race 6, we were not disappointed as BARTS MOUSTAKAS blazed through for the win. Race 10 boasted a full card of eager pups who didn’t disappoint with their impressive performances. The fact participants could only earn points in the two races, again, made it difficult to stay ahead in this promotion. Not surprisingly, the handicapping caliber of our contenders saw them through another tough round. Points steadily increased on our leaderboard.


Race 10 on Saturday, December 12 was the final round for the Holiday Distance Challenge and it went off with a bang. Eight stellar hounds went head-to-head and we were so impressed with the entire field that it was truly tough to say who would win this final race. Our early first round hot dog pick, HIGHLYCLASSIFIED, won it going away. He had a flawless break and by racing smartly to avoid trouble and using the final turn in the backstretch, he was on the chase and overcame GT’S GIN N JUICE to snag the win. As Derby Lane’s Jim Peake stated, “it [was] a two dog race!”

Our Exotic Howliday Jackpot finished with the final round of the Holiday Distance Challenge. We had two winners, both of which finished with the maximum amount of points possible. Rick C. and Jason G. split the $1,000 jackpot for $500 each. Great job to all who participated!


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This Week with The Professor: Trouble Prone Greyhounds?


Have you ever looked over the racing form and found what appears to be a “diamond in the rough” quality hound? The next time you’re tempted to take one of these pups, keep The Professor’s tips in mind.

Trouble prone greyhounds?

I am sure that you have noticed that there are greyhounds whose past performance lines contain many comments, such as “bumped, collided, shut off, etc.” The fact that these greyhounds are constantly in trouble is not just bad luck. You may want to use these recent problems as a reason to select that dog in the upcoming race. Beware of this angle: it can be hazardous to your bankroll.

There are a number of reasons that this type of greyhound is getting himself in trouble. One may be that he does not have enough early speed to get clear consistently. Another is that the dog may tend to “let up,” or “check” slightly in traffic, thus causing him to collide with other greyhounds. Some may not have a high racing “IQ” and are not able to avoid collisions.

Whatever the reason, to expect that “this time” will be different is folly, and can lead to a lightening of your wallet in a hurry. Avoid this type of greyhound when trying to find the “key” greyhound to wager on in a race.

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Track of the Week: Derby Lane Evening


We have Derby Lane Evening as our featured Track of the Week and the track of our Exotic Howliday Jackpot! This week is especially exciting because both Derby Lane and our Exotic Howliday Jackpot are in their final round. Derby Lane’s $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge Final is in Race 10 tonight with a start time of approximately 10:00 PM EST. Here are the hounds we think will come in on top:

#1, HIGHLYCLASSIFIED, is in a great spot to be in the race early and looks tough to hold off for the victory.

#6, BARTS MOUSTAKAS, usually has a great kick midtrack that should propel him for a spot in the money.

#8, GT’S GIN N JUICE. With her early speed, she will be winging early and hope to have enough to hang on for the win.

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Enjoy the race and check our website tomorrow, 12/13, to see who won the $1,000 Exotic Howliday Jackpot! Good luck!


Wheeling Hot Dog Report: AMF SLEEKSTRANGR


In the June 27, 2015 edition of the Inside Lure, we featured an article by contributor Stan Pawloski, a writer for the Greyhound Review. He wrote about the A Ray Kennel and their prowess at Wheeling Island on Wednesday, June 24, 2015. We were particularly enthusiastic about their racer AMF SLEEKSTRANGR, as he had shattered the track record on this day.

AMF SLEEKSTRANGR  boasts an exciting racing career. On June 24, 2015 he took the win in race 13 in the  $25,000 George Kellas Memorial round 1. He closed with an enormous lead of 11.5 lengths and in the process, set a new 5/16 track record at 28.79! The previous record was set by KIOWA DASH FAST in August 2014. At the time of this race, AMF SLEEKSTRANGR had an impressive 9 win streak. Unfortunately, AMF SLEEKSTRANGR was scratched in round 2 due to injury.

AMF SLEEKSTRANGR has continued on the path towards excellence. He is a strong athlete: he is consistently in the money and is known as a fierce competitor. On November 28th he won again at Wheeling Island race 12: he took off in the backstretch and brought it home with an impressive lead of 9.5 lengths.

We plan to keep watching AMF SLEEKSTRANGR on his journey to greatness. We will be cheering him on this Saturday (12/12/15) at Wheeling Island race 9!

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Jingle (Blog) All the Way!

Bella Incubus is already in the holiday spirit!

Inc and Bonus Bandit have been happy hounds developing our special holiday promotions this season. From an exciting wagering competition with our Exotic Howliday Jackpot and 24 days of Greyt Gifts, we’ve had a thrilling start to December.

Our Exotic Howliday Jackpot contest coincides with Derby Lane’s 9th Annual $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge.

The Exotic Howliday Jackpot round 1 began on Saturday, 11/28 and will finish up with round 5 on Saturday, 12/12. As we move toward the semi-finals and final rounds at Derby Lane’s 9th annual Holiday Distance Challenge series, we can’t help but wonder: will our current point leaders be able to stay on top and win the $1,000 Exotic Howliday Jackpot? Round 4 of the Exotic Howliday Jackpot is during the semi-finals round at Derby Lane on Wednesday 12/9, which means the tough of the tough will be vying for the top 8 spots to be in the final on Saturday, 12/12. We’re cheering on all of our participants and hope, above all else, everyone has been enjoying the excitement of a #greyt challenge series, courtesy of Derby Lane!

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Orange Park Evening


We have bestbet’s Orange Park as our featured Track of the Week and part of our Paydog Pick of the Day! Tonight will be the Final Round of their $12,500 bestbet Juvenile with the post time for the card starting at 7:45 PM EST. The Final will take place in Race 11. Here are the hounds we believe will come in on top:

#8, SHEEZSOHOT, is a young runner who is still improving. She is versatile in her running style; she can go early or show her relentless effort in catching her competitors.

#4, MAC’S MELANIE, will be tough to catch if she hits her break.

#2, PULLANALLNIGHTER, has early speed to take the lead early on. Look at her to get in on a piece of the action.

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Good luck tonight and have a greyt weekend!