This Week with The Professor: Who to Eliminate?


This week, The Professor offers tips on determining which pups to eliminate from your exotic wagers and knowing when to play the “ALL.”

When wagering on exotics, especially trifectas and superfectas, it is an important skill to know who to eliminate or “throw out” in the last legs of the wager.

The first thing you need to handicap is which speed greyhound is going to make the lead in the race. If you have decided that and especially if that dog is one of your main keys, you should be able to eliminate all of the other speed hounds in the race.

It is never wise to “throw out” late speed dogs, as they will keep running no matter their position in the race. Also, the name of the game is profit so keep in mind the large payoffs are generated by long-shots making the ticket. If you are undecided which one to “throw out,” make it the lower priced hound.

One more thing: I have always believed that if you can only eliminate one dog in a race, you can’t eliminate any. Play the “ALL.”


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