Track of the Week: Derby Lane Evening

Thanksgiving weekend is here and, with it, some exciting races and promotions! We have Derby Lane Evening as our featured Track of the Week and the track of our Exotic Howliday Jackpot! Tonight kicks off Round 1 of their $75,000 Holiday Distance Challenge with their post time starting at 7:30 PM EST. Here are some hounds to watch for this round and throughout the series.

Race 4: #2, NIGHT GODDESS, has had some trouble recently, but she has the speed to take the lead if she can get ahead early on.

Race 4: #7, BARTS MOUSTAKAS, has a good kick in the backstretch that should help him get a piece of the action.

Race 6: #7, HIGHLY CLASSIFIED, is quick out of the box. Look for him to gain early speed by midtrack and take it to the finish.

Race 8: #3, LK’S MC CLINTOCK, looks great for this race. With a combination of his speed and post position, he should breeze through to the finish.

Race 10: #6, LK’S TRAMONTINA, has great late speed to finish in the money.

Don’t forget to play our free handicapping Track of the Week contest featuring Derby Lane’s evening card tonight for your chance to win up to $200! While you’re playing Derby Lane, don’t miss out on your chance to get in on the action with our $1,000 Exotic Howliday Jackpot! Learn more here or ask a Customer Service Representative for more details by calling us toll free at 877-782-5323.


From everyone at Greyhound Channel, enjoy the races and have a greyt holiday weekend!

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