This Week with The Professor: Distance Races


This week, The Professor shares his greyhound handicapping tips for distance races.

A common misconception when handicapping longer distance races is that you should be favoring late speed greyhounds. In actuality, the opposite is true. Early speed hounds tend to dominate longer distance races.

The reason for this is, unlike sprint races, the dogs that make the lead in distance races are generally strong sprinters and do not have a tendency to fade late. The late speed dogs have a more difficult time catching these guys because they are not fading, as short sprinters do.

One of the best angles to look for in races longer than 3/8 of a mile is to find dogs who have been running 3/8 races. They are fresher and will show more early speed than the dogs who have been running at the longer than 3/8 distances. My only caveat is super marathon races, which are rare these days (thankfully). If you run into one of those, never take a dog that you think will lead early as they will run too hard and fade badly late.

So remember: speed kills, even in the longer distance races.

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