This Week with The Professor: Grade Drops

The Professor shares a nugget of wisdom regarding grade drops and the importance of class.

When I look at a race, the first thing I look for is grade drops. Class is a big factor in handicapping greyhounds. A greyhound that cannot make the lead on a higher grade, due to faster competition, can get that lead against cheaper hounds. We know that getting the lead is HUGE in picking winners.

If a greyhound was competitive in the higher grade but can’t quite get the job done, they will have a much better chance when dropping in grade. You must remember, unlike thoroughbred racing where the owner or trainer decides what class the horse runs in, greyhounds grade themselves by their performance. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the greyhound’s condition or question the change in class.

However, there are a couple of red flags to consider in grade drops.

One thing to consider in grade drops is the age of the dog. He or she may be getting older and their ability is diminishing. It may be the hound is dropping to find a better level. Another is that the dog has lost confidence because of constant trouble and is not running as hard. If a hound is not running hard, they cannot win regardless of the competition. This can be especially true with double grade drops. The thing to look for in that case is a string of poor efforts in which the dog has not been competitive.

Keep these factors in mind when handicapping the hounds, and take home some extra spending cash!

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