This Week with The Professor: Greyhound Layoffs


This week’s topic is greyhounds coming back from layoffs. A greyhound is considered to be on a layoff if they have not raced for 10 days or more. If they have had a layoff, they must run a schooling race or races prior to returning to action.

A greyhound experiencing a layoff is an important factor to consider when handicapping. There are a multitude of reasons a hound may have been off and it may not be possible to know for sure why. We can make an educated guess by factoring the length of the time off and even by the greyhound’s sex.

If the greyhound is off for 30 days or less, most likely, it’s due to minor injury or simply to give the greyhound a rest. The result of their schooling race can give us an idea if the hound is going to run to their best form. If they perform well during their schooling race or races, I would not consider it a negative factor.

If the greyhound has been off for a considerable amount of time, then we can assume a major injury (or in the case of a female, they may have come in season). In either case, it is going to take some time for the greyhound to reach his or her best form.

Unless their schooling race or races are exceptional, I would consider layoffs a major negative handicapping factor. You can use this to your advantage by watching the dog’s performance improve and play them when it appears they are ready to race at a high level again.

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