Spotlight: Bella Incubus and Greyhound Adoptions

Inc and the Duck

(Bella Incubus (Inc), feeling just ducky.)

This handsome fella has a busy schedule today. Let’s see: get up and eat breakfast, check. Hang out, check. Take a nap with your duck, check. You know, the usual. Bella Incubus, affectionately called Inc, boasts an impressive greyhound racing career. In the 2012 Razorback Classic Championship at Southland Greyhound Park he flew around the racetrack and came in to show. While Inc retired from his glory days of racing, he still manages to show in quite a few other things. Inc shows his adopted parents how much he loves to nap, eat, play, and nap. Did we mention eat? He’s taken a full-time job of being the fastest couch potato around and holds down the couch all day. Truthfully, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Inc retired from racing in 2013 and found his forever home with some great folks who knew and embraced the benefits associated with adopting a retired greyhound racer. By bringing a greyhound into your home, you get some pretty greyt advantages: you’ll make a new best friend and get tons of love and loyalty from your canine companion. Retired racers are very well trained which makes the transition into your home easier and less stressful for everyone. They are obedient, well-socialized, potty-trained, know most of the basic commands, and genuinely aim to please. What’s not to love?

Here at Greyhound Channel we love all puppies but have an especially soft spot for these sweet hounds. There are a lot of fabulous organizations working diligently to find permanent homes for our furry friends. Most of the organizations are comprised entirely of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to connect these special dogs with their forever homes.

Interested in finding out more about greyhound adoption? Check out The Greyhound Project for more information about who they are and what they’re doing to help greyhounds like Inc find their forever homes. They offer a wealth of online resources, including tools to help you find a greyhound adoption group in your area.

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