This Week with The Professor: The Weather Factor


Now that the seasons are changing it would be a good time to discuss how the weather affects handicapping the greyhounds. Of course, when we discuss the weather, we are actually discussing track conditions.

When it rains, it can affect the track in several ways, depending on the makeup of the track surface. If the track is sand or a sandy mixture, the track can actually get faster during the rain. If the track is made of dirt or mostly dirt, the rain will make the track slower, and can have a negative influence on either the inside or the outside.

Generally speaking, on a sandy track, the rain will have little effect on the inside or the outside. The majority of the tracks have a dirt surface and when the track gets muddy, the inside will usually suffer. The track surface will also influence which style the muddy track favors. You can usually tell by watching a few races whether it is favoring speed or closers.

The general accepted notion is a muddy track will favor speed, as the greyhounds behind will get mud in their face, which can bother them when running. As with thoroughbred racing, some racers may not like running on a muddy track; unlike in thoroughbred racing, those stats are not available to help you with that factor. You will need to do some research on your own to find that out. If you do, you will have an edge over the rest. Also, some players believe larger greyhounds do better on a wet track but I have never seen that proven.

In conclusion, we can say a muddy track will generally favor wide running (larger?) early speed dogs, who don’t mind running in the rain.

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