NGA Fall Meet


The National Greyhound Assocation (NGA) is a voluntary non-profit association that acts as the sole registry for racing greyhounds on the North American continent. They have two auction events every year, The Fall Meet and The Spring Meet. Greyhound Channel was a proud sponsor for a major stakes race on Friday, 10/16, for The NGA Fall Meet.

The NGA Fall Meet opened on Monday, 10/12, at a racetrack located on NGA grounds in Abilene, KS. It was an exciting week of greyhound racing, with 432 greyhound entries and of those, 371 pups being consigned to the NGA Auction. The NGA Fall Meet includes numerous stakes races with emphasis on pups nearing track age. The Fall Meet concludes today, 10/17, at the close of the NGA Auction.

Watch the Greyhound Channel Stakes race from the 2015 NGA Fall Meet:

As the pups move towards their new homes, we wish everyone the best!

To learn more about the NGA, visit them here.

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