Track of the Week: Southland Greyhound Park


Today kicks off Round 1 of Southland Greyhound Park’s $880,000 Festival of Stakes event with the second half of Round 1 finishing tomorrow, October 17. Here at Greyhound Channel, we love to combine stakes races with our contests so we have selected Southland as our featured Track of the Week! Here are some hounds to keep an eye on for Round 1.

Friday’s evening card first post at 8:30 pm EDT:

Race 2: #3, R WHSKYNTHEJARRO, has the speed to get ahead of the rest.

Race 4: #3, MEGA GOLIATH, is the one to watch for in this race. He runs well on the inside and has finished in the money for the last 6 races.

Race 5: #2, VOLANDO AUTOBAHN, drew a good spot. He favors the inside moving ahead of the rest early and able to hold on.

Race 7: #1, CBJ PANIC ATTACK, is a tenacious gal having won her way from B to A. Watch for her to close late.

Race 10: #8, BELLA BARNSTORM, started out in a high grade and although she tailed off, she should return to form showing early speed on the inside.

Race 13: #2, MEGA MADRID, seems to shine with proven inside success and closing speed.

Saturday’s matinee card first post at 2:00 pm EDT:

Race 8: #4, CTW JOLLY ROGERS, is an experienced 660 yards runner and he should find success as a closer in this 583 yards distance.

Race 10: #2, ARKANS BD BRUNO, will be moving in the backstretch to run by them late.

Saturday’s evening card first post at 8:30 pm EDT:

Race 8: #5, CHASMO’S DUTCH, is on a three win streak and looking for his fourth in a row. Look for an early lead and watch him power his way to victory.

Race 10: #3, FLYIN SUPERGIANT, is excellent at closing ground midtrack to finish in the money.

Race 14: #5, SE TALI SUNDANCE, has finished first for 4 of his last 6 races. He has the early speed to pull away from the rest and take the lead.

Race 17: #7, FLYING FIRED UP, moves to the inside after the break. Look for him to have a kick in the backstretch.

Don’t forget to play our free handicapping Track of the Week contest featuring Southland Greyhound Park’s evening card tomorrow for your chance to win up to $200!

Enjoy the Stakes and have a greyt weekend!

2 thoughts on “Track of the Week: Southland Greyhound Park

  1. Check it out! Out of our 12 Southland Festival of Stakes Round 1 picks, eight of them came in the money. Out of those eight: four of our picks won, two placed, and two showed. Not bad!
    Congratulations to Southland Friday 10/16 evening winners: race 4, #3 Mega Goliath; race 5, #2 Volando Autobahn; race 7, #1 Cbj Panic Attack and Southland Saturday 10/17 evening winner: race 8, #5 Chasmo’s Dutch!


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