Q & A with The Professor: You Asked and He Answered!


Last week The Professor discussed playing hot kennels. Reader Paul W. posed an interesting question for The Professor, asking for tips on how to spot a false favorite in a greyhound race.

We’ve asked The Professor to explain.

As you know a false favorite is a greyhound who is being over bet in relation to his chances of actually winning. Spotting these dogs is pretty subjective but one thing to look for is age: either young dogs moving up to a level they are not ready for yet, or older dogs that are declining and dropping.

As far as young hot pups go, you will see some pups who move up very quickly without having to learn the ropes, and when they reach a level where they cannot easily make the lead, they are lost and do not run well. Pups that have moved up to Grade A within a few starts are generally way over bet in regards to their actual chances of winning. The other is the older dog, who at one time was a class dog dropping in grade. Be wary of these guys, as they are usually over bet.

If you get beat by a hound you think was a false favorite, it doesn’t mean you were wrong, sometimes they get lucky and win. Look on the good side: if they beat you, have you really lost anything? The payoff is small. The name of the game is beating favorites.

Thanks for asking a great question, Paul! Do you have a question for The Professor? Leave a comment below and you could receive a $2 wagering credit to your Greyhound Channel account if your question is featured!

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