Husker Magic’s 90th Career Win!

Husker Magic – 90th Win at the Derby Lane Fall Sprint Semi-Finals

HuskerMagicWithGHCHat(Husker Magic, Abernathy Kennels, 2015)

Husker Magic. Every time the name is said we all think the same thing, “that’s a great looking dog!” She’s got looks and personality, and with her stats, it’s hard NOT to place a bet on her.

On September 30th, 2015, Husker Magic brought home her 90th career win at Derby Lane in the Fall Sprint Semi-Finals. As always, she brought the win in with a happy face, true to form. Congratulations to Husker Magic, Abernathy Kennels, and all connections!

What’s next for Husker Magic? Do you think she can be caught? Everyone at Greyhound Channel will be rootin’ you on, “Derby Lane’s Darling Diva” during this Saturday’s Fall Sprint Final at Derby Lane!

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