Spotlight: American Pharoah

AmericanPharoah2_withPhotoCreditJocular jockey: Victor Espinoza rode American Pharoah to victory in the 2015 Belmont Stakes

History is about to be made as American Pharoah prepares for the 2015 Breeders’ Cup Classic in Race 11 tomorrow, 10/31, at Keeneland. Win or lose, he will be the first Triple Crown winner to race in the Breeders’ Cup World Championships. Being drawn for post position #4, he is already the big favorite.

After losing his debut race, American Pharoah has done nothing but impress his fans with back to back wins. He was 2014’s Champion 2 year old and continued that momentum into 2015. Winning the Kentucky Derby by a length and the Preakness by 7 lengths, there was much anticipation for the Triple Crown hopeful. On June 6th, 2015, American Pharoah broke a 37 year drought winning the Belmont Stakes and becoming the twelfth Triple Crown winner. His Belmont performance was the second fastest recorded race time at Belmont, second to Secretariat.

American Pharoah won 6 races in a row in 2015 before placing second in the Saratoga Travers Stakes on August 29, 2015. In his 10 career starts, he had 8 wins and 1 place. Everyone will be watching to see if he can add a win at this Saturday’s race to his impressive resume.

Following the Breeders’ Cup, American Pharoah will be taken to Coolmore’s Ashford Stud near Lexington to enjoy retired life. Everyone here at Greyhound Channel will be rooting for American Pharoah and wish him the best of luck!

This Week with The Professor: Greyhound Layoffs


This week’s topic is greyhounds coming back from layoffs. A greyhound is considered to be on a layoff if they have not raced for 10 days or more. If they have had a layoff, they must run a schooling race or races prior to returning to action.

A greyhound experiencing a layoff is an important factor to consider when handicapping. There are a multitude of reasons a hound may have been off and it may not be possible to know for sure why. We can make an educated guess by factoring the length of the time off and even by the greyhound’s sex.

If the greyhound is off for 30 days or less, most likely, it’s due to minor injury or simply to give the greyhound a rest. The result of their schooling race can give us an idea if the hound is going to run to their best form. If they perform well during their schooling race or races, I would not consider it a negative factor.

If the greyhound has been off for a considerable amount of time, then we can assume a major injury (or in the case of a female, they may have come in season). In either case, it is going to take some time for the greyhound to reach his or her best form.

Unless their schooling race or races are exceptional, I would consider layoffs a major negative handicapping factor. You can use this to your advantage by watching the dog’s performance improve and play them when it appears they are ready to race at a high level again.

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Track of the Week: Derby Lane Evening


This week, we have Derby Lane Evening as our featured Track of the Week! Tonight kicks off Round 1 of their 9th annual $20,000 Fall Juvenile with the evening card post time starting at 7:30 PM EDT. Here are some hounds to watch out for in Round 1.

Race 4: #1, FIESTA MERCURY, drew a great spot. He loves the rail and has the speed to take the lead.

Race 6: #7, BELLA MAGELLAN, quickly moves to the inside after the break. Look for him to rush to the lead or be near it.

Race 10: #4, MAC’S GOSSIE, will move in the backstretch to finish strong.

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Enjoy the races and have a greyt weekend!

Spotlight: Bella Incubus and Greyhound Adoptions

Inc and the Duck

(Bella Incubus (Inc), feeling just ducky.)

This handsome fella has a busy schedule today. Let’s see: get up and eat breakfast, check. Hang out, check. Take a nap with your duck, check. You know, the usual. Bella Incubus, affectionately called Inc, boasts an impressive greyhound racing career. In the 2012 Razorback Classic Championship at Southland Greyhound Park he flew around the racetrack and came in to show. While Inc retired from his glory days of racing, he still manages to show in quite a few other things. Inc shows his adopted parents how much he loves to nap, eat, play, and nap. Did we mention eat? He’s taken a full-time job of being the fastest couch potato around and holds down the couch all day. Truthfully, we wouldn’t want it any other way.

Inc retired from racing in 2013 and found his forever home with some great folks who knew and embraced the benefits associated with adopting a retired greyhound racer. By bringing a greyhound into your home, you get some pretty greyt advantages: you’ll make a new best friend and get tons of love and loyalty from your canine companion. Retired racers are very well trained which makes the transition into your home easier and less stressful for everyone. They are obedient, well-socialized, potty-trained, know most of the basic commands, and genuinely aim to please. What’s not to love?

Here at Greyhound Channel we love all puppies but have an especially soft spot for these sweet hounds. There are a lot of fabulous organizations working diligently to find permanent homes for our furry friends. Most of the organizations are comprised entirely of dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to connect these special dogs with their forever homes.

Interested in finding out more about greyhound adoption? Check out The Greyhound Project for more information about who they are and what they’re doing to help greyhounds like Inc find their forever homes. They offer a wealth of online resources, including tools to help you find a greyhound adoption group in your area.

This Week with The Professor: The Weather Factor


Now that the seasons are changing it would be a good time to discuss how the weather affects handicapping the greyhounds. Of course, when we discuss the weather, we are actually discussing track conditions.

When it rains, it can affect the track in several ways, depending on the makeup of the track surface. If the track is sand or a sandy mixture, the track can actually get faster during the rain. If the track is made of dirt or mostly dirt, the rain will make the track slower, and can have a negative influence on either the inside or the outside.

Generally speaking, on a sandy track, the rain will have little effect on the inside or the outside. The majority of the tracks have a dirt surface and when the track gets muddy, the inside will usually suffer. The track surface will also influence which style the muddy track favors. You can usually tell by watching a few races whether it is favoring speed or closers.

The general accepted notion is a muddy track will favor speed, as the greyhounds behind will get mud in their face, which can bother them when running. As with thoroughbred racing, some racers may not like running on a muddy track; unlike in thoroughbred racing, those stats are not available to help you with that factor. You will need to do some research on your own to find that out. If you do, you will have an edge over the rest. Also, some players believe larger greyhounds do better on a wet track but I have never seen that proven.

In conclusion, we can say a muddy track will generally favor wide running (larger?) early speed dogs, who don’t mind running in the rain.

NGA Fall Meet


The National Greyhound Assocation (NGA) is a voluntary non-profit association that acts as the sole registry for racing greyhounds on the North American continent. They have two auction events every year, The Fall Meet and The Spring Meet. Greyhound Channel was a proud sponsor for a major stakes race on Friday, 10/16, for The NGA Fall Meet.

The NGA Fall Meet opened on Monday, 10/12, at a racetrack located on NGA grounds in Abilene, KS. It was an exciting week of greyhound racing, with 432 greyhound entries and of those, 371 pups being consigned to the NGA Auction. The NGA Fall Meet includes numerous stakes races with emphasis on pups nearing track age. The Fall Meet concludes today, 10/17, at the close of the NGA Auction.

Watch the Greyhound Channel Stakes race from the 2015 NGA Fall Meet:

As the pups move towards their new homes, we wish everyone the best!

To learn more about the NGA, visit them here.

Track of the Week: Southland Greyhound Park


Today kicks off Round 1 of Southland Greyhound Park’s $880,000 Festival of Stakes event with the second half of Round 1 finishing tomorrow, October 17. Here at Greyhound Channel, we love to combine stakes races with our contests so we have selected Southland as our featured Track of the Week! Here are some hounds to keep an eye on for Round 1.

Friday’s evening card first post at 8:30 pm EDT:

Race 2: #3, R WHSKYNTHEJARRO, has the speed to get ahead of the rest.

Race 4: #3, MEGA GOLIATH, is the one to watch for in this race. He runs well on the inside and has finished in the money for the last 6 races.

Race 5: #2, VOLANDO AUTOBAHN, drew a good spot. He favors the inside moving ahead of the rest early and able to hold on.

Race 7: #1, CBJ PANIC ATTACK, is a tenacious gal having won her way from B to A. Watch for her to close late.

Race 10: #8, BELLA BARNSTORM, started out in a high grade and although she tailed off, she should return to form showing early speed on the inside.

Race 13: #2, MEGA MADRID, seems to shine with proven inside success and closing speed.

Saturday’s matinee card first post at 2:00 pm EDT:

Race 8: #4, CTW JOLLY ROGERS, is an experienced 660 yards runner and he should find success as a closer in this 583 yards distance.

Race 10: #2, ARKANS BD BRUNO, will be moving in the backstretch to run by them late.

Saturday’s evening card first post at 8:30 pm EDT:

Race 8: #5, CHASMO’S DUTCH, is on a three win streak and looking for his fourth in a row. Look for an early lead and watch him power his way to victory.

Race 10: #3, FLYIN SUPERGIANT, is excellent at closing ground midtrack to finish in the money.

Race 14: #5, SE TALI SUNDANCE, has finished first for 4 of his last 6 races. He has the early speed to pull away from the rest and take the lead.

Race 17: #7, FLYING FIRED UP, moves to the inside after the break. Look for him to have a kick in the backstretch.

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Enjoy the Stakes and have a greyt weekend!

Q & A with The Professor: You Asked and He Answered!


Last week The Professor discussed playing hot kennels. Reader Paul W. posed an interesting question for The Professor, asking for tips on how to spot a false favorite in a greyhound race.

We’ve asked The Professor to explain.

As you know a false favorite is a greyhound who is being over bet in relation to his chances of actually winning. Spotting these dogs is pretty subjective but one thing to look for is age: either young dogs moving up to a level they are not ready for yet, or older dogs that are declining and dropping.

As far as young hot pups go, you will see some pups who move up very quickly without having to learn the ropes, and when they reach a level where they cannot easily make the lead, they are lost and do not run well. Pups that have moved up to Grade A within a few starts are generally way over bet in regards to their actual chances of winning. The other is the older dog, who at one time was a class dog dropping in grade. Be wary of these guys, as they are usually over bet.

If you get beat by a hound you think was a false favorite, it doesn’t mean you were wrong, sometimes they get lucky and win. Look on the good side: if they beat you, have you really lost anything? The payoff is small. The name of the game is beating favorites.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is not just a month of warm autumn thoughts; it is a month dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness. The Women of Greyhound Racing is supporting this month’s breast cancer awareness with featured races and donations to nonprofit charities.

The Women of Greyhound Racing celebrate all the ladies involved in the greyhound industry. They also raise funds towards breast cancer awareness every October. This is their third year raising money for breast cancer charities through auctions and sales of merchandise. If you are interested in donating to the Women of Greyhound Racing’s cause, please e-mail or visit them on Facebook.

Greyhound Channel will be doing its part to promote breast cancer awareness through our upcoming Howl-o-ween Contest. Anyone with a #HalloweenHound can participate by taking a picture of their pup in a Halloween costume and submitting it to our Facebook page. All breeds are eligible and you do not need to be a Greyhound Channel account holder to enter and win. For every entry we receive, we will donate $2 to the Women of Greyhound Racing’s breast cancer awareness campaign.

Palm Beach is also supporting breast cancer awareness by having a “pink” race every Saturday this month. During these races, all the greyhounds in the race dawn pink blankets. For the final “pink” race on October 31, Palm Beach will feature their best greyhounds with the “On Track to Beat Cancer” award race. They are also giving out “On Track To Beat Cancer” shirts for a donation of $20 that will then be given to local charities such as American Cancer Society, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, National Canine Cancer Foundation and Lake Worth Christian’s Dig Pink & Connie Vanderwey Memorial Scholarship. Below is a look at today’s “pink” race!

Enjoy your month and remember to think pink!

This Week With The Professor: Playing Hot Kennels


One good angle to consider when handicapping is the hot kennel angle. How often have you noticed that the greyhounds from a certain kennel are all breaking fast, and running at their best?

This is generally not just serendipity. There can be several reasons for this uptake in performance. One can be that the trainer has wormed the dogs in his kennel. Every once in a while, all kennels use a worm medicine to get rid of those parasites which the dogs pick up, especially in warmer climates.

This has a tendency to make the hounds feel better and thus run to their best. Maybe the dogs have become stale and the trainer makes a change in their food, which can perk up the dogs as well. Or maybe the trainer has changed the workout pattern of his kennel to spark his charges. Whatever the reason, watch for this angle, and use it to your advantage.

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