This week in Greyhound Racing: September 18th, 2015

huskerHusker Magic at Derby Lane with Kayruth Abernathy and Claudio Lopez in 2014

HUSKER MAGIC won her 86th career win last Saturday at Derby Lane. She was hardly challenged for dominance in this race and flew home with the moniker “Derby Lane’s Darling Diva!” shouted out by the Voice of DL, Jim Peake. Winning this A grade race looked like a breeze for our girl, Husker. Will she own the next race and make it 87? We’ll have to find out!

We had three round 2 stakes events on Wednesday: Future Star Stakes, WVOGBA Juvenile Stakes, and The Bluffs Run Finale.


$30,00 Future Star Stakes Round 2 @ Iowa Greyhound Park

Race 2: #6 O YA KATT DADDY took the lead from the inside and didn’t give. Hugging the rail, Katt Daddy flew into an easy win.

Race 4: In this race, #5 BCS OLD GLORY jumped ahead of the pack and stayed there. Having no pressure didn’t stop Old Glory from turning on the afterburners and finishing the race strong.

Race 6: In an exciting race it was #1 SUPER C MALINA who turned on the late speed down the backstretch to pass #7 KEEPER SUSANNAH just after the last turn.

Race 10: After the break, #4 HILCO MAGNUM made it known that he was going to take this win and leave the others in his dust. #8 DOCTOR TONY wasn’t listening and made a valiant effort in second place.

Race 12: The #4 BOC’S LOOKING AT U darted from the box to the wire after the break and used this to stay in the lead and win the race. He was followed closely by #6 BCS DIRT ROADIN.

Race 14: The #7 GT’S TALLI and #8 CLASSY WOLVERINE were eye-to-eye in the backstretch before Talli pulled ahead and took the win.

Check out the standings for this stakes race updated by Gary Dura.


$35,000 WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Round 2 @ Wheeling

Race 6: #4 CG’S POPPA was never contested at any point in this race. Directly after the break, he maintained the lead and never let it go.

Race 8: The #7 CG’S MONA and #8 RICO’S GEARZ went neck and neck for the first few turns of the race before Mona blasted ahead and stayed there.

Race 10: #4 CAM WOOKIE enjoyed a comfortable lead nearly the entire race. #7 RICO’S SHAMELESS made a push at the end but came up short.  

           CG’S MONA: 25 POINTS

           QUICK COLLIN: 23.5 POINTS

           CET BIG JOHN: 20 POINTS

           CG’S POPPA: 20 POINTS


           CAM WOOKIE: 16 POINTS

           DKC FRED FLINT: 15.5 POINTS

           COACH VAN DYKE: 15 POINTS

           TAKE OFF TUG: 15 POINTS



$60,000 Finale Round 2 @ Bluffs Run

Race 1: This race had no contest for the winner, #3 BOC’S HANK JR was a few lengths ahead the entire time through the finish line. Down the backstretch the real struggle for second was taking place. #2 BUDDY CAN FLY wanted it more as he pulled ahead of #1 SUPERIOR PHOENIX right at the end of the stretch.

#GreytEvents: What’s up next?

Saturday, 9/19/2015:

  • $50,000 Fall Sprint Round 1
  • $60,000 Finale Quarter-Finals
  • Irish Greyhound Derby

This Saturday starts the 9th annual Fall Sprint at Derby Lane. The rounds will run us until October 3rd and will be the precursor to the NGA Fall Meet. What bettor way to bring in the fall season?

Are you following the excitement of the Irish Derby? Check out @BarkingBuzz on Twitter to get your up to date info on the Irish Greyhound Derby and more. Wager on all the fun with Greyhound Channel.

Sunday, 9/20/2015:

  • $30,000 Future Star Stakes Semi-Finals

Tuesday, 9/22/2015:

  • $35,000 WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Semi-Finals

Wednesday, 9/23/2015:

  • $50,000 Fall Sprint Round 2
  • $60,000 Finale Semi-Finals

Well, that’s all we have for this week. If you enjoyed reading this post, please leave a comment and follow us!

Till next time!

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