September 15, 2015: This week in Greyhound Racing!

9/11/15 Recaps on Exciting Friday and Saturday Night Stakes Action

We enjoyed an exciting Friday night as Iowa Greyhound Park opened up Round 1 on their Future Star Stakes and Wheeling Island opened up Round 1 on the WVGOBA (West Virginia Greyhound Owners Breeders Association) Juvenile Stakes! Let’s recap this exciting evening:

Friday 9/11/15 $30,000 Future Star Stakes Round 1 at Iowa Greyhound Park

Race 4: #4, HILCO TEASE, used her powerful rush to overpower her opponents to cruise in for an easy victory. Results: 4/3/2.  

Race 6: #2, O YA KATT DADDY, benefitted from trouble at the escape turn to get up for the win by catching the front-running #8, BOC’S CC RUNNER. Results: 2/8/5.

Race 10: #3, BCS OLD GLORY, broke sharp and went paw-to-paw with #4, JD BAMBOOZLE, and drew off late for an easy victory. Results: 3/1/4.

Race 12: #8, PAT C GIGGLES, rocketed out of the box and made a bold move on the outside turn. Sprinted to victory. Results: 8/1/6.

Race 14: #8, CLASSY WOLVERINE, sharp maneuvering through the escape turn and powered home from the backstretch. Results: 8/2/6.

Friday 9/11/15 $35,000 WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Round 1 at Wheeling Island

Race 6: #7, CET BIG JOHN, made it a two greyhound race from the start and edged clear for the first round victory. Results: 7/1/6.

Race 8: #4, QUICK COLLIN, was the quickest and avoided the early trouble in the escape turn. He hugged the rail to victory. Results: 4/7/1.

Race 10: #4, CAPTAIN TRZECIAK, no speedy early but took advantage of the inside trouble to close for a fast finish. Results: 4/2/1.

Saturday 9/12/15 $60,000 Finale Round 2 at Bluffs Run

Race 1: #1, ILLUMINATE, handily took the lead and was solid down the backstretch. He revoked a late challenge from #7, and was determined the winner in a photo finish. Results: 1/7/3.

Race 2: #2, O YA SPUNKY, broke sharp and secured a good running position in the backstretch. He cruised on home for an easy victory. Results: 2/8/7.

Race 3: #1, IDAHO ROBBY, recovered from early bump but managed to stay ahead all the way. Results: 1/2/7.

Race 4: #8, DOWN LO, broke a tad bit slow but recovered with a powerful rush to make the lead to victory! Results: 8/2/1.

Race 5: Oops, there was a hiccup in race 5! It looks like the box may have opened prematurely and officials declared it a no race. Due to this ruling, the no race has been rescheduled to be the first race on Wednesday 9/16’s program to complete the second round of the Finale. Results: No Race.

Race 6: #2, DS SIP N SI, dominated early and brought it all the way around for the win. Results: 2/7/1.

Race 7: Great effort put forth by all runners! #3, NO BIG DEAL, took the lead in the first turn; #6, XK XTRAORDINARE, zoomed up with closing speed in an attempt to steal the win. Photo finish confirmed #3, NO BIG DEAL, the victor! Results: 3/6/8.

Race 8: #1, IT ALL WORX OUT, hugged the rail to gain the lead in the final turn and proved best at the wire. Results: 1/4/6.

Race 9: #1, BOC’S GASBUZZIER, used his late speed to ground out a victory in the final jump. Results: 1/5/6.

We are excitedly anticipating the next rounds for these stakes races, especially since round 2 $60,000 Finale at Bluffs Run was declared a no race. This has been rescheduled for Wednesday, 9/16/15, which is also the same day the next rounds for the $35,000 WVGOBA at Wheeling (round 2) and $30,000 Future Star at Iowa (round 2) will be held.

#GreytEvents: What’s Up Next?

Tuesday, 9/15/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • New Track of the Week for Saturday

Wednesday, 9/16/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • Round 2 reschedule of the $60,000 Finale at Bluffs Run
  • Round 2 $35,000 WVGOBA at Wheeling Island
  • Round 2 $30,000 Future Star at Iowa Greyhound Park

Thursday, 9/17/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • Fetch 5
  • Study up for Track of the Week on Saturday!

Friday, 9/18/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • Playball with Bandit – Hit the Cycle!

Saturday, 9/19/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • Enter your picks for this week’s Track of the Week challenge
  • Irish Greyhound Derby
  • Round 1 $50,000 Fall Sprint at Derby Lane
  • Quarter-Finals $60,000 Finale at Bluffs Run
  • Inside Lure Newsletter

Sunday, 9/20/15:

  • Semi-Finals $30,000 Future Star Stakes at Iowa Greyhound Park

Stay tuned for more information and updates on this and other exciting events this week!

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