This week in Greyhound Racing: September 18th, 2015

huskerHusker Magic at Derby Lane with Kayruth Abernathy and Claudio Lopez in 2014

HUSKER MAGIC won her 86th career win last Saturday at Derby Lane. She was hardly challenged for dominance in this race and flew home with the moniker “Derby Lane’s Darling Diva!” shouted out by the Voice of DL, Jim Peake. Winning this A grade race looked like a breeze for our girl, Husker. Will she own the next race and make it 87? We’ll have to find out!

We had three round 2 stakes events on Wednesday: Future Star Stakes, WVOGBA Juvenile Stakes, and The Bluffs Run Finale.


$30,00 Future Star Stakes Round 2 @ Iowa Greyhound Park

Race 2: #6 O YA KATT DADDY took the lead from the inside and didn’t give. Hugging the rail, Katt Daddy flew into an easy win.

Race 4: In this race, #5 BCS OLD GLORY jumped ahead of the pack and stayed there. Having no pressure didn’t stop Old Glory from turning on the afterburners and finishing the race strong.

Race 6: In an exciting race it was #1 SUPER C MALINA who turned on the late speed down the backstretch to pass #7 KEEPER SUSANNAH just after the last turn.

Race 10: After the break, #4 HILCO MAGNUM made it known that he was going to take this win and leave the others in his dust. #8 DOCTOR TONY wasn’t listening and made a valiant effort in second place.

Race 12: The #4 BOC’S LOOKING AT U darted from the box to the wire after the break and used this to stay in the lead and win the race. He was followed closely by #6 BCS DIRT ROADIN.

Race 14: The #7 GT’S TALLI and #8 CLASSY WOLVERINE were eye-to-eye in the backstretch before Talli pulled ahead and took the win.

Check out the standings for this stakes race updated by Gary Dura.


$35,000 WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Round 2 @ Wheeling

Race 6: #4 CG’S POPPA was never contested at any point in this race. Directly after the break, he maintained the lead and never let it go.

Race 8: The #7 CG’S MONA and #8 RICO’S GEARZ went neck and neck for the first few turns of the race before Mona blasted ahead and stayed there.

Race 10: #4 CAM WOOKIE enjoyed a comfortable lead nearly the entire race. #7 RICO’S SHAMELESS made a push at the end but came up short.  

           CG’S MONA: 25 POINTS

           QUICK COLLIN: 23.5 POINTS

           CET BIG JOHN: 20 POINTS

           CG’S POPPA: 20 POINTS


           CAM WOOKIE: 16 POINTS

           DKC FRED FLINT: 15.5 POINTS

           COACH VAN DYKE: 15 POINTS

           TAKE OFF TUG: 15 POINTS



$60,000 Finale Round 2 @ Bluffs Run

Race 1: This race had no contest for the winner, #3 BOC’S HANK JR was a few lengths ahead the entire time through the finish line. Down the backstretch the real struggle for second was taking place. #2 BUDDY CAN FLY wanted it more as he pulled ahead of #1 SUPERIOR PHOENIX right at the end of the stretch.

#GreytEvents: What’s up next?

Saturday, 9/19/2015:

  • $50,000 Fall Sprint Round 1
  • $60,000 Finale Quarter-Finals
  • Irish Greyhound Derby

This Saturday starts the 9th annual Fall Sprint at Derby Lane. The rounds will run us until October 3rd and will be the precursor to the NGA Fall Meet. What bettor way to bring in the fall season?

Are you following the excitement of the Irish Derby? Check out @BarkingBuzz on Twitter to get your up to date info on the Irish Greyhound Derby and more. Wager on all the fun with Greyhound Channel.

Sunday, 9/20/2015:

  • $30,000 Future Star Stakes Semi-Finals

Tuesday, 9/22/2015:

  • $35,000 WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Semi-Finals

Wednesday, 9/23/2015:

  • $50,000 Fall Sprint Round 2
  • $60,000 Finale Semi-Finals

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September 15, 2015: This week in Greyhound Racing!

9/11/15 Recaps on Exciting Friday and Saturday Night Stakes Action

We enjoyed an exciting Friday night as Iowa Greyhound Park opened up Round 1 on their Future Star Stakes and Wheeling Island opened up Round 1 on the WVGOBA (West Virginia Greyhound Owners Breeders Association) Juvenile Stakes! Let’s recap this exciting evening:

Friday 9/11/15 $30,000 Future Star Stakes Round 1 at Iowa Greyhound Park

Race 4: #4, HILCO TEASE, used her powerful rush to overpower her opponents to cruise in for an easy victory. Results: 4/3/2.  

Race 6: #2, O YA KATT DADDY, benefitted from trouble at the escape turn to get up for the win by catching the front-running #8, BOC’S CC RUNNER. Results: 2/8/5.

Race 10: #3, BCS OLD GLORY, broke sharp and went paw-to-paw with #4, JD BAMBOOZLE, and drew off late for an easy victory. Results: 3/1/4.

Race 12: #8, PAT C GIGGLES, rocketed out of the box and made a bold move on the outside turn. Sprinted to victory. Results: 8/1/6.

Race 14: #8, CLASSY WOLVERINE, sharp maneuvering through the escape turn and powered home from the backstretch. Results: 8/2/6.

Friday 9/11/15 $35,000 WVGOBA Juvenile Stakes Round 1 at Wheeling Island

Race 6: #7, CET BIG JOHN, made it a two greyhound race from the start and edged clear for the first round victory. Results: 7/1/6.

Race 8: #4, QUICK COLLIN, was the quickest and avoided the early trouble in the escape turn. He hugged the rail to victory. Results: 4/7/1.

Race 10: #4, CAPTAIN TRZECIAK, no speedy early but took advantage of the inside trouble to close for a fast finish. Results: 4/2/1.

Saturday 9/12/15 $60,000 Finale Round 2 at Bluffs Run

Race 1: #1, ILLUMINATE, handily took the lead and was solid down the backstretch. He revoked a late challenge from #7, and was determined the winner in a photo finish. Results: 1/7/3.

Race 2: #2, O YA SPUNKY, broke sharp and secured a good running position in the backstretch. He cruised on home for an easy victory. Results: 2/8/7.

Race 3: #1, IDAHO ROBBY, recovered from early bump but managed to stay ahead all the way. Results: 1/2/7.

Race 4: #8, DOWN LO, broke a tad bit slow but recovered with a powerful rush to make the lead to victory! Results: 8/2/1.

Race 5: Oops, there was a hiccup in race 5! It looks like the box may have opened prematurely and officials declared it a no race. Due to this ruling, the no race has been rescheduled to be the first race on Wednesday 9/16’s program to complete the second round of the Finale. Results: No Race.

Race 6: #2, DS SIP N SI, dominated early and brought it all the way around for the win. Results: 2/7/1.

Race 7: Great effort put forth by all runners! #3, NO BIG DEAL, took the lead in the first turn; #6, XK XTRAORDINARE, zoomed up with closing speed in an attempt to steal the win. Photo finish confirmed #3, NO BIG DEAL, the victor! Results: 3/6/8.

Race 8: #1, IT ALL WORX OUT, hugged the rail to gain the lead in the final turn and proved best at the wire. Results: 1/4/6.

Race 9: #1, BOC’S GASBUZZIER, used his late speed to ground out a victory in the final jump. Results: 1/5/6.

We are excitedly anticipating the next rounds for these stakes races, especially since round 2 $60,000 Finale at Bluffs Run was declared a no race. This has been rescheduled for Wednesday, 9/16/15, which is also the same day the next rounds for the $35,000 WVGOBA at Wheeling (round 2) and $30,000 Future Star at Iowa (round 2) will be held.

#GreytEvents: What’s Up Next?

Tuesday, 9/15/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • New Track of the Week for Saturday

Wednesday, 9/16/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • Round 2 reschedule of the $60,000 Finale at Bluffs Run
  • Round 2 $35,000 WVGOBA at Wheeling Island
  • Round 2 $30,000 Future Star at Iowa Greyhound Park

Thursday, 9/17/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • Fetch 5
  • Study up for Track of the Week on Saturday!

Friday, 9/18/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • Playball with Bandit – Hit the Cycle!

Saturday, 9/19/15:

  • Paydog Pick of the Day
  • Enter your picks for this week’s Track of the Week challenge
  • Irish Greyhound Derby
  • Round 1 $50,000 Fall Sprint at Derby Lane
  • Quarter-Finals $60,000 Finale at Bluffs Run
  • Inside Lure Newsletter

Sunday, 9/20/15:

  • Semi-Finals $30,000 Future Star Stakes at Iowa Greyhound Park

Stay tuned for more information and updates on this and other exciting events this week!

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September 7, 2015: This Week in Greyhound Racing

We had a busy Labor Day with several promotions, like the Mini Fetch and the 10% Bonus Match for deposits. On top of all that we had two stakes races: one at Palm Beach and the other at Ebro.

Palm Beach  The Finals of the $20,000 Gallagher / Kinnaird Puppy Stakes. It was a very exciting race when #2, BF PAR SNIPE, and the #8, PJ ST PIERRE, went neck to neck down the backstretch only to have Pierre turn on the boosters and finish ahead. Congratulations to PJ ST PIERRE, the 2015 Puppy Stakes Champion at Palm Beach!

Ebro Greyhounds  Monday marked the last race day of the season for Ebro and they concluded with the Luther “Ludy” Hess Gold Collar invitation-only stakes race. Obviously not wearing the gold collar because nothing was slowing him down #8, ROC A BY CHOCTAW, won the race. We can’t wait to see what next season holds for Ebro!

On Wednesday 9/09/15 Bluffs Run kicked off its $60,000 stakes race series known as “Finale” for its first round. Let’s recap the races:

Race 1: Winning out any contest the #8, HELPME HELPYOU, followed by the #2, CALL ME LATER, and in third place #7, B’S SOLVER WINGS.

Race 2: #5, TRENDING, was able to pull an upset and clinch the win with #8, DS VELA, and #4, DOWN LO on his tail.

Race 3: #6, CHAMP’S CONQUEST, also stepped up and pulled out a big win with #1, JD BOMBSHELL, and #3, TAHAS TORNADO, behind him.

Race 4: Passing the #1, NO BIG DEAL, right at the end of the backstretch #8, DARE DEVIL DEVEN, sneaks in a victory. #6, XKT JIM THUNDER, following behind both in third.

Race 5: Another hot win of the night #2, SUPERIOR PHOENIX, a longshot who paid out big and won the race by a length and a half with the #3, BOC’S HANK JR, and #5, LAHAINA, following close to each other.

Race 6: The #8, BOC’S EXECUTIVE, made it clear he wasn’t going to be beaten this race and ran an easy win. #5, DS SIP N SI, and #7, TOOTIE, coming in second and third respectively.

Race 7: #1, BOC’S SAILFISH, was not contested at all in this race. After the break he stayed in the lead the entire time. A few lengths behind him, #4, BARTS OH FANNY, and a few lengths behind that, #3, DEJA VUE.

Race 8: #4, JD ICONIC, just held on to the lead as #8, EVOLVINGSITUAJHN, exploded from the pack and flew into a solid second place. This left #5, BLINK OFF, to fend for himself in a finish that had to go to the photo.

Race 9: #2, ILLUMINATE, lit up the field and made winning look easy in this last heat race for round 1. #8, KL’s JULES, strode in about a length behind and then #7, DK’S GATOR ROLL, made his mark with the third spot.